Care Guide

Care Guide

Care for your telescopic ladderProper care and maintenance is essential to achieve optimum performance from your Easy Steps Telescopic Ladder and to ensure you do not invalidate the warranty.

The Easy Steps Telescopic Ladder is not like most traditional ladders – the very nature of moving components means it needs to be kept clean and dry when not in use.


  • To clean and lubricate your Easy Steps telescopic ladder use a damp cloth to wipe down and remove any excess dirt. Use a dry cloth and apply silicone based furniture polish to the stiles of the ladder. This will leave a thin wax coating, allowing a smooth operation up and down
  • If your Easy Steps Telescopic Ladder is excessively wet – wipe down and use silicone spray to dry it out
  • Be careful not to press the vertical tubing of the stiles against concrete or other hard surfaces that may dent the aluminum. Always rest the plastic couplings at the top against vertical or horizontal surface.
  • Always transport your ladder in the retracted position so that the tubes are protected inside each other and cannot be damaged.



  • Never use your Easy Steps Telescopic Ladder horizontally as a plank.
  • Never use your Easy Steps Telescopic Ladder as a vertical fire escape ladder. They are not designed to be opened vertically downwards. The pins will not hold the downward force.
  • Never use WD40 or lubricants of that nature – they will attract dirt and dust which will clog the mechanisms.
  • Never leave your Easy Steps Telescopic Ladder out in the rain – moving components will seize up and rust.